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About Us

We are an institution that trains service dogs for adults and children with disabilities as well as for Police, Military, Private Contractors, Schools, and individuals for a variety of specialized applications.

We also develop specialized training programs for Animal Assisted Therapy for Occupational, Physical, Speech, and ABA therapists to incorporate therapy dogs into their practice.

We also provide training systems and support for individuals who are looking to train their own service dog or a service dog for a family or friend through our Owner Trained Service Dog Program.

Our History

Where We Started

After more than 7 years in the service dog industry building a variety of programs, the Daugherty family founded Arizona Goldens LLC in 2006 to build a better quality experience and higher trained service dog. We launched nationally in 2007 with dogs working throughout North America, UK, Europe, Australia, & Canada.

Step by Step

Arizona Goldens LLC was created to provide high quality, individually trained service dogs for people with disabilities with personalized service and support. Over the years, our programs have expanded from training Guide Dogs & Mobility Assistance Dogs to service dogs for Autism, Medical Alert, Hearing, PTSD, and many other unique disabilities. We have trained, or worked with over 300+ service dogs and teams throughout the world.

Our Development

We specialized in traveling to our clients to provide 1-on-1 training and support. This makes things easier and more convenient to our clients while allowing us to maintain high quality of training. We currently maintain a small training facility that is closed to the general public, but we are working towards a building a larger facility that will soon be open to our clients.

Industry Background

Experience Counts

The founders of AZG have over 20 years of individual industry experience in training service dogs for a variety of disabilities. Over the Past 20 years, we have worked with or trained over 300+ service dog teams and developed new programs to meet new disabilities and work requirements. 

Years of experience built upon education from Bergin University of Canine Studies have allowed us the ability to develop industry leading training processes and exceptional service dogs.

When you are selecting a service dog organization or trainer you should consider the following items to determine if you are working with a reliable professional:

  • Years of Experience in Service Dog Training

  • Better Business Bureau rating of an A or A+

  • Have both General & Professional Liability Insurance for Client's Protection

  • Service dog trained to your specific needs rather than to a set standard.

  • and many other factors...

Our Team

Brian Daugherty Debbie Daugherty
Founder & CEO Founder & Trainer


Shelley Schafer Darrin Schafer
Founder & Puppy Raising Programs Manager

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