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We Provide Custom Trained
Service Dogs That Change Lives

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We Specialize in Training Service Dogs To Overcome A Variety of Disabilities Such As...

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Service Dog Program Options

 We offer various training levels depending on your budget & needs. Click on the pictures below for more information.

Fully Trained Service Dog Program

We fully train, place, & certify service dogs that are custom trained to your specific disability.

Our Specialties include:
*Autism Service Dogs
*Epilepsy Service Dogs
*Medical Alert Service Dogs
*Hearing Dogs
*Guide Dogs
*PTSD Service Dogs

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Green Dog Program

This program provides a dog that has a good foundation of skills to become an exceptional service dog for you.

These dogs come with the basic skills training, socialization, and medical clearances that all of our Fully Trained Service dogs receive you just need to adapt their final disability specific training to your specific needs with the help of our online training & coaching programs.

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Learn to Train Your Own Service Dog

This online course & community assist you through the process of finding and training your own service dog or adapting the training of your current dog. 

This program includes over 200+ training videos, monthly eCoaching, & Live Training Events to help you through your Service Dog Journey and become a certified team.

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I choose Arizona Goldens LLC because...

"... the staff and trainers seemed willing to want to work with us and sought us out to give us info every time I asked my many questions. I knew AZG cared for their dogs and the families they worked with. Brian was so patient with us as we worked to raise our funds privately.​ Once bootcamp started, I realized the level of professionalism that AZG provided. The trainer for our dog clearly cared deeply for her and she made sure we knew exactly what our new service dog needed to perform at her best. This whole experience has been so rewarding and made more enjoyable because of AZG.""


Program Benefits

We Place Service Dogs Worldwide

With Service Dogs working in Australia to the United Kingdom; from Belize to Canada we can help people with disabilities worldwide. It can be tricky working with the variety of Service Dog Access Laws of different countries, but our experienced staff can help you navigate the process.

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Talk To A Service Dog Specialist

Schedule a FREE 30 minute conference call with one of our service dog specialist to find out how we can best help you and answer any questions you may have.

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Making A Difference

A highly trained service dog can make a huge change in the life of an individual with a disability. Listen to the change that Hope (the Service Dog) brought to Luke and how she helped him overcome some of the challenges of Autism.


To get started along your Own Service Dog Journey, request an application in our Service Dog Toolkit.


Overview of The Service Dog Process

This section will highlight some of the Frequently Asked Questions
along with a General Overview of our Service Dog Application & Placement Process.

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